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At Clifford S. Trotter Associates, we realize that whether you are one of our established corporate clients, or a private individual seeking the services of an investigator for the first time, we have the responsibility to provide you with professional, efficient and courteous service. Considered the premiere investigative agency in the New York area, our ability to succeed where others have failed is a matter of record.

The investigators at Clifford S. Trotter Associates are experienced in all types of investigations, including Labor Law, Liability Claims, Personal Injury Accidents, Unlawful Deaths, Criminal Defense Preparation, Subpoena Service, Matrimonial And Divorce Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, Trial Prep, Surveillance, Criminal Investigations, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Insurance Fraud, Missing Persons, and Background Investigations. They perform with expertise all aspects of an investigation, including conducting interviews, locating missing or reluctant witnesses, taking written statements, conducting a scene examination and securing evidence, providing scene diagrams and photographs, obtaining and reviewing documents, and conducting covert surveillance operations.

  • Our Managers and Investigators each have an average of more than 25 years experience. Most of our staff joined Clifford S. Trotter Associates after highly successful careers in Federal, State and local Law Enforcement agencies. Their institutional knowledge, experience and professionalism are unsurpassed.
  • Our satellite offices are strategically located to allow our investigators to cover the five Boroughs of New York, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Upstate New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our Affiliate Investigator Network allows us to conduct and direct investigations across the United States and around the world.
  • Free consultations are conducted by the company President or Operations Manager, and although there is no finer service available anywhere, our rates remain well within industry standards.

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 Accident Investigations*
Missing Persons*
Personal Injury*
Death Investigations*
Liability Investigations*
Criminal Investigations*
Trial Preparation*
Witness Canvass*


*Background Checks 
*Criminal Defense

*Court Records Retrieval
*Written Statements
*Witness Locates
*Scene Photography
*Evidence Recovery



Clifford S. Trotter Associates is staffed by an experienced team of professionals who take pride in providing unrivaled service with unsurpassed results. Whether you are a corporate client or a private individual in need of assistance, there is no investigative service better suited to meet your needs.

A defendant has been arrested and charged with a crime.

An insurance carrier needs to locate a missing witness to an accident.

An Attorney needs a witness interviewed and a written Statement prepared.

A plaintiff is committing insurance fraud, falsely claiming an incapacitating injury, and immediate surveillance is needed.

A crime victim is not receiving adequate assistance from the police department and needs to uncover evidence that will lead to prosecution.

A construction site accident has resulted in injuries, and witnesses need to be interviewed and the scene examined for evidence.

A school district needs background investigations conducted on potential employees to ensure the well-being of student.
A single mother needs help in locating her child's "dead beat dad."

An investigation is needed concerning a death that has occurred under suspicious or criminal circumstances.

An attorney needs immediate Trial Preparation Service with a case scheduled for court in forty-eight hours.

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