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CLIFFORD S. TROTTER  -  Cliff Trotter is a licensed and bonded Private Investigator under the Department of State of the State of New York, and is the President of Clifford S. Trotter Associates.  He has more than thirty-five years experience in the investigative field.  His pride in his work, coupled with his determination to provide his clients with services and reports that are unsurpassed in the industry, has propelled Clifford S. Trotter Associates to one of the most successful private investigations firms in the New York area. Cliff is a veteran of the Armed Forces, having enlisted in the U. S. Navy at the age of seventeen.  He spent much of his enlistment serving as a Radar Operator on the famous aircraft carrier USS Intrepid and had the responsibility of helping to recover some of America's first astronauts after splash-down. His keen sense of deductive reasoning made Cliff a natural for a career in investigations, and contributed to his having attained the elite status of Certified Master Investigator.  His experience and institutional knowledge of investigative techniques have led to Cliff being pressed into service as a lecturer at a number of colleges in the New York area.  He is often called upon to deliver presentations at law firms and insurance carriers regarding liability claims investigations. Cliff Trotter's professionalism and expertise are well known in the industry and is is looked upon by his peers as the consumate investigator. 

KIM  VLACICH  - Kim Vlacich is an Investigative Specialist who joined Clifford S. Trotter Associates after serving as a Police Officer with the New York Police Department.  Prior to joining the Department, Kim earned a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.
Kim currently heads the Trial Preparation Section of the company.  She acts as liaison with the many law firms who retain Clifford S. Trotter Associates for trial Prep work and is responsible for the review and preparation of litigation scheduled for trial.
Kim's responsibilities include reviewing the entire case file, preparing Judicial Subpoenas and Affidavits of Service, coordinating the appearance of Expert Witnesses and preparing reports.  Her keen sense of organization and outstanding interpersonal skills, combined with her ability to efficiently multi-task, make her a natural for the position with the company.

STAFF INVESTIGATORS  - The Investigators on staff at Clifford S. Trotter Associates are some of the most professional and proficient in the business.  Most of our staff investigators have completed successful careers with various law enforcement agencies.  In addition to their police training, all investigators have completed a forty-hour course of instruction in Investigative Techniques and Procedures presented by Cliff Trotter.  This ensures that while our investigators are encouraged to be proactive and think outside the box, reports and work product will be uniformly complete. Unable to shake the love of being involved with a case, Cliff will often undertake many investigations himself.  Cliff will often direct and oversee all investigations and assignments performed by the staff investigators.





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